League Information
OBHL-D 2019 Winter
10/7/2019 - 3/30/2020
League Description:
The OBHL-D League regular season will begin on October 7th, with the season being 26 weeks long. Team count will target 8 teams and once full, will close. Order of registration will determine your place in line (note, veteran priority only gives preferred status over new skaters).

Currently, the majority of the games will be played on Mondays ranging from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. There will possibly be a limited amount of games that will be played later than 9:30pm and/or on other days of the week. The rink maintains the right to adjust days of the week and game times outside this window when necessary.

A draft skate will be held for new players on September 30th at 7:00pm, and is mandatory for all new skaters registering as "rookie" status. Rookie players that can't attend must contact Ryan Lutzen (rslutzen@uwalumni.com) ahead of the draft skate. Players that miss the draft skate may not be rostered and will be given a refund.

OBHL D, C, and CSC players in good standing within OBHL, are considered veterans. Veterans are given priority status and all efforts will be made to roster them as long as they complete registration before September 18th, 11:59pm. Veterans registering within this timeframe are guaranteed to be rostered before any "rookie" status skaters. Rookie status skaters can register any time during the online registration period. Any players not rostered are refunded their entire league fees.

Buddy Picks: Buddy picks will only be allowed for players that have not played in the D league for 1 calendar year or longer or for direct family members. If you played in Winter/Spring 2018 or Summer 2018, you will not be allowed a buddy pick. If you have a special case requiring a mutual 1 person buddy pick, please email rslutzen@uwalumni for special consideration of your case.

Equipment: Players are required to provide and wear their own helmet with face protection (metal cage or plastic shield), knee pads, hockey skates, hockey gloves, and elbow pads at a minimum. It is recommended that players wear breezers, groin protection, and chest protection, but not required. We do not place restrictions on slapshots and many players have hard wrist shots as well, so wear the proper gear to protect yourself.

Grade Requirement Description: The OBHL-D League is intended for newer and/or slower skaters that want more opportunity to touch the puck. These newer/slower skaters are placed on teams with players of varying ability to create a competitive yet fun game experience. Players with High School level experience would exceed the maximum "Grade" in almost all cases. In order to maintain the competitive balance and spirit of the league, we do cap the skill ranking (referred to as "Grade" in on your Max Galaxy account) at level 6. While this is very similar to the C league ranking system, the OBHL D League Commissioner, with input from the GM's have final say on player rankings.

Players unable to meet a "Grade" 1 may be denied entry due to safety concerns, and would be advised to consider the CSC program.

Players below a "Grade 5" will have a maximum allowance of 3 goals per game.

Players at a "Grade" 5 will have goal limit applied to them ranging from 1-2 goals allowed per game.

Players that do not pass the puck to teammates, chase hat goal totals, and/or try to skate end to end too often will have goal restrictions (1-2 goal limit) put on them regardless of “Grade” level.

Players exceeding the "Grade" 6 and/or showing poor sportsmanship (regardless of “Grade”) may be removed from the league at any point during the season if attempts to adjust their attitude/play are not successful.

Goal limit can be added to players at any time during the season if deemed necessary.
Online Registration Dates:
9/9/2019 12:00 AM
10/29/2019 11:59 PM / Individual
Min Age:
21 yrs 0 mo (as of 10/7/2019)
Min Grade:
Max Grade: